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New! 2.0 Version Kurt Warner's Football 101 For Kids

Kurt and Qubee are ready to teach you all about football with their new and expanded interactive guidebook! Get your noggins joggin'! Test your skills, rack up points and experience a little friendly competition along the way. You'll win nine virtual trophies if you can successfully answer all questions in the timed Lightning and Bonus Rounds.

C'mon and challenge your family and friends! What do they know about football? Read more.

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Click here — Football 101 for iPhone™ - $1.99

Click Here — Football 101 for iPad™ - $2.99

Coming Soon - A High-Bouncing Game for the Whole Family!

Kurt Warner's (Think Fast!) Scramble will challenge one's problem-solving skills in a quick-thinking, fun and unique way! To win you will have to think fast and smart, plus make all the right moves just like a quarterback under pressure looking for an open receiver! Utilizing your mobile device's built in accelerometer, some questions and puzzles will challenge you to think and act in a new dimension. You'll have to throw both your head and your hands into the game as you tilt, tap, shake, rattle and roll your way through this challenge. It's addictive! You'll see!

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